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History Channel show on Confederate Goldwar gold in Michigan theory airs TuesdayAccording to a lighthouse keepers deathbed confession years later, part of the stolen treasury was allegedly put into a train car on a barge, and was deliberately pushed off a ferry into Lake Michigan.

Work on the show began about a year ago with a Skype interview, said Joe Lessard, executive producer of The Curse of Civil War Gold and senior vice president of Prometheus Entertainment.

Its rfetched, said Annoesjka Soler, executive director of the Lakeshore Museum Center in Muskegon told MLive in a previous interview after hearing Dykstra and Richards present their theory.

Dykstra and Richards theorize that Muskegons most wellknown philanthropist Charles Hackley was part of a plot to hide and transport the Confederate Treasury millionworth of gold and silver from Irwinville, Ga., to Muskegon, Mich., after Michigan soldiers captured Davis.

We dont feel there are a lot of cts in there cited from primary literature, she said. Theyre going to have fun with it … Im sure it will bring up a lot of interest. Its very speculative, a lot of conjecture tying a lot of loose pieces together.

History Channel show on Confederate Gold in Michigan theory airs Tuesday

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The show follows Dykstra and the team as they visit the scene of the original heist, search bank vaults for secret tunnels believed to be constructed to help launder the loot, and ultimately to the bottom of Lake Michigan.

That grew some very long legs very long legs, Dykstra said previously of MLives coverage of his theory. It got the interest in moving things along.

Hackley Parks design is nod to Confederacy, researchers say

The Confederate Gold theory was the subject of an MLive series of stories last year.

The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of MLive Media Group.

Was downtown Muskegon built with Confederate Gold?

In , the Union Armys Michigan th Cavalry captured Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Muskegonarea history enthusiasts Kevin Dykstra and Brad Richards theorize that those soldiers confiscated millions of dollars worth of Confederate gold and silver from the president, and then carried out a plot over several decades to smuggle the loot nearly , miles back to Michigan using the railway system.

The sixepisode show will follow Dykstra, Richards and Marty Lagina of Historys No. series The Curse of Oak Island as they search for the treasure.

MUSKEGON, MI A Civil War mystery and treasure hunt with Muskegon at its center is the focus of a new History Channel show.

Discoveries made throughout the show could rewrite history, said Lessard, who grew up in Owosso and attended Michigan State University.

things to know about Muskegons alleged ties to Confederate Gold

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They further theorize that Hackley used his share of the take to donate numerous buildings and endowments to the Muskegon community, including Hackley Park, Hackley Administration Building, Hackley Public Library, Hackley Art Gallery and Hackley Hospital.

Timeline Confederate Gold in West Michigan theory is years in the

There were some discoveries throughout the production compared to what was shared with MLive last year, Dykstra said, but he couldnt give any details.

Many historians have called the theory into question, especially because they say it was disproven that Davis had the treasury with him when he was captured.

The Curse of Civil War Goldpremieres on History at p.m. Tuesday, March .

We came into this project shrugging our shoulders, and smirking at each other, he said. As the season played out … the theorys got legs.

The Curse Of Civil War Gold Official Series Promo Premieres March History

Dykstra was previously the cilities director at Calvary Christian School in Fruitport, but has transitioned to a voluntary role.

The show promises to finally decipher one of the biggest conspiracies in American history. Each episode is about one hour long.

MLive Media Group. All rights reserved About Us.

It was fun. It was exciting. It was not like work at all, he said.

PrometheusEntertainment of Los Angeles produced the show.

Guild Wars QoL Improvements Wed Like to Sguild warsee inWeve been getting all sorts of really great books that are filled with interesting lore. Some of them are rewards for achievements, others are just laying around the world. Wouldnt it be great to be able to store all of these in a library? They could be added to the hero panel UI, but it already has so much of what we use in the game. Why not put them in a library in the home instance instead? It would give people more reason to visit home instances, which is something the feature badly needs.

This is actually what inspired this entire article. I wanted to take my newest characters to Orr for some Elder Wood rming. The problem was, the closest they had been was Lions Arch so I climbed on my Skimmer and went for ahover? It was certainly a journey and a bit of an annoying one at that. So I started thinking why, if were the Commander, can we not get to Fort Trinity easily? The real answer is because weve not done the story, but I am not going to repeat the personal story timesjust not going to happen. So why not put a portal in Lions Arch that you can use once youve become the Commander on one character?

A Maelstrom Steam Early Access release window and a new k Kickstarter for additional bells and whistles is revealed by developer Gunpowder Games.

Quality of life improvements are kind of my vorite. Sure, I love new content and features, but its the little things that make a big difference in an MMO. Thats why this year I wanted to start off with a list of Guild Wars QoL improvements wed like to see in . Some of these are personal picks, some of them are taken from Reddit, and well, some of them are just plain unavoidable on social media. So without further delay here are the quality of life improvements were crossing our fingers for.

What if instead of having to deposit your materials they did it automatically? Thatd be great! But, I also know thats not always what you want. Some people dont store materials at all and sell them instead. So make it a box you can tick. Decide for yourself if you want all the materials to go into your bank automatically. Doing this might also increase the popularity of porle banking options.

It wouldnt be a complete list of Guild Wars QoL features we want to see if we didnt include build templates. If you look at Reddit and the forums, youll quickly find theyre the most requested QoL feature going backquite some time. Will we get it? Lets keep our fingers crossed.

What I really need is the ability, to mark a subcategory or even just the main category, right click it and Set category as focus So the next time you open/close the Hero Panel you go straight to that category, with the category being expanded.

Good list!. Totally agree about the Salvage All problem with unided gear. Although I guess I should move those stacks to a safe bag. That would stop them appearing, right?

So youve got a collection of tonics that you love using, but you hate having to store them all in your bags. If you alt, youre never going to have the one you want on the character youre on. An easy solution to this is to have the tonic wardrobe. Just like you have access to all your minis, glider skins, and mount skins, the idea is to add a new section specifically for tonics. Now you dont have to worry about space or moving them around to different characters.

Just my cent thought, because i need this feature almost everyday, if not every week.

At this point in the list, were looking at what I think are the biggest QoL improvements ArenaNet could make, and the ones I am personally most hopeful we will see before the end of the year.

Achievement Path of Fire The Desolation

I agree with all the suggestions. I would like to see a similar Tome book as used for Living Story passes to contain all the passes like Royal Terrace, Mistlook Sanctuary, Lava Lounge, etc.

I agree with all the suggestions. I would like to see a similar Tome book as used for Living Story passes to contain all the passes like Royal Terrace, Mistlook Sanctuary, Lava Lounge, etc.

In the roleplaying guild Im a part of, we have a lot of people with a lot of alts. So when you see the characters name in the guild chat, chances are you have no idea who that is. I dont expect all people in the guild to know every one of my characters. This could be fixed a few different ways, but my vorite has to be allowing for custom names. Is that a name you pick for yourself or one that others assign to you? I dont know. It would certainly make things easier though if everyone knew who they were talking to.

Valid subcategories could be as example

Why cant you just use your mount from embiggened state? I dont mind that it puts me back to normal while Im on the mount. Just allow me to use my mount.

When youre a highlevel crafter, those lists get pretty long. It would make things a whole lot easier if you could save a few as your vorite and have them at the top. This way you arent sifting through the entire list trying to find that one thing you want that somehow always manages to be at the bottom. This feature would be great for anyone who is working on a guild hall or legendaries.

In Path of Fire, we got a bunch of new specialization accessories. They would be really awesome, except theyre soulbound on acquire. My Weaver has no use for a Deadeye accessory. Making them account bound is one change that would make them something that people actually use.

That I want to do the most of the achievements in a category, not all, but most.

For a game that is often called Fashion Wars, it seems odd that there isnt any easy way to change your appearance. What if you could save a few different looks and pick between them in Wardrobe UI? This could even be something that ArenaNet could put in the gem store. Everyone gets one free slot when theyre introduced. Then sell more in the gem store. It would use armor skins but use the stats from your primary armor.

The one that kills me is I love the Endless Embiggening Tonic because I love playing my Norm as an actual Giant. Problem is when you are Embiggened you can just switch to your mount.

I have QoL improvement ive been wanting forever, but nobody talks about this.

And with that, you have the Guild Wars QoL improvements wed like to see in . Are there any improvements youd like to see made that I didnt think of? Leave it in the comments! You never know when ArenaNet is watching.

Story Journal Living World Season Daybreak

It appears that a Diablo Nintendo Switch release is indeed imminent as inside sources confirm that Blizzard is working on the port.

A new video from the devs offers a closer look at the features, functions and options that will be available to players of the TERA console beta build.

Shannon first discovered MMOs in when she picked up the newly launched Everquest. This started a lifelong love afir with online gaming that has taken her around the world and brought her to . While she still pines for the streets of Paragon, the City of Heroes, today she spends most of her gaming time walking across Tyria in Guild Wars , roleplaying with anyone who says hello.

Most of the time when you get an essence of luck you consume it right away. Or at least I think this is how it goes for most people, do tell me if Im wrong. Yes, there are some things in the game that require them. So, Im not suggesting you should always automatically consume them. That would create problems. Instead, make it an option you turn on and off easily. Have it be part of the hero panel, right under the counter for how much you have. Yay, less clutter!

Defiance suffered from being too smallscale and limiting as it was, and now they are a sequel that is even more …

I have QoL improvement ive been wanting forever, but nobody talks about this. I find my self, when something new comes out Like SE or latest with Winters day. That I want to do the most of the achievements in a category, not all, but most. The Watch List for me is a total misplaced feature, it gives me no good overview, of what I need to focus on, even more, I cant easily located to achievements in the same category if I wanted. What I really need is the ability, to mark a subcategory or even just the main category, right click it and Set category as focus So the next time you open/close the Hero Panel you go straight to that category, with the category being expanded. And even a nd option underneath saying Restore/reset deult focus behavior. This could even apply to all different list and categories in the Hero Panel, not just achievements. Valid subcategories could be as example Equipment Outfits Story Journal Living World Season Daybreak Achievement Path of Fire The Desolation Masteries Path of Fire Crystal Champion Just my cent thought, because i need this feature almost everyday, if not every week.

If bounties were marked on the minimap with a big old skull Id swerve to take part! Bounties have, since the launch of Path of Fire, felt like the bastard child that no one wants to play with. Except when you find massive groups running them. It really feels like this isnt how they were intended to be. Another way to alert people could be to literally alert people. We know when crazed creatures appear, give a mapwide announcement saying a bounty has been started and mark it on the map for people to get to.

So you have to open inventory and re back to normal. Close your inventory, AND THEN you can use your mount.

The Watch List for me is a total misplaced feature, it gives me no good overview, of what I need to focus on, even more, I cant easily located to achievements in the same category if I wanted.

Masteries Path of Fire Crystal Champion

Good list!. Totally agree about the Salvage All problem with unided gear. Although I guess I should move those stacks to a safe bag. That would stop them appearing, right?

Getting in a group for a map meta is great. What isnt great though is joining a nice big group only to find out their instance is full. A little icon in the LFG that says the groups map is full would go a long way to relieving the heartache. If you want you can even take it a step further and alert commanders when they put their group on LFG that their instance is full.

Very good points. Its something I liked about Rift when they homogenised ctions and had that big ction PvP …

When I started this list I didnt actually think to include unidentified gear. It took me logging in and getting annoyed to get the lightbulb moment. Salvage All is amazing, easily one of my vorite Guild Wars QoL improvements in recent memory, but it got completely screwed up with the introduction of Unidentified gear. I dont want to salvage the gear and I dont want to open it right away either. Unidentified gear should act more like a container than like armor. If you want to salvage it, right click on the stack. It really shouldnt have been included in the salvage all and that is why it tops my list of Guild Wars QoL features I want to see in .

It was planned from the very beginning to go fp after it made up development costs… the devs said that from day …

We need a boat or a portal, or even a doorway. Something that takes us from Tyria into Elona without having to teleport to a friend, go through the guild hall, use the pass for the Lily of the Elon, or doing the story. My ideal way of doing it would be a new zone to the north of Elona that connects with the gate in the Fields of Ruin. But thats just because I really REALLY want to see that gate used. Id also settle for a portal or a boat from Lions Arch, not that Im particularly fond of using the zone as it takes forever to load. The NPCs in the crafting areas could offer to teleport you to Amnoon as an additional option, but Elona really needs to be made more accessible.

Wouldnt it be cute to be able to visit your mounts in your home instance? Have a little sle put into our home instances where we can stand beside our friends. We dont REALLY need an orphanage, do we? I see this as being something that roleplayers would benefit from the most, but I think everyone would enjoy.

Guild Halls need more decorations. They also need more affordable decorations. When talking about guild halls, I always look at Rift as an example of guild halls and personal spaces done right. Theres a massive amount of options, theyre all irly affordable, and theres a lot of customization to be had. What are some of the things Id like to see? Mounts with some idle animations, chairs you can sit in, and things that make guild halls feel more like places where people gather, live, and work.

A confirmed Robocraft Royale early access date is announced for the standalone battle royale variant of the original Robocraft game.

The one that kills me is I love the Endless Embiggening Tonic because I love playing my Norm as an actual Giant. Problem is when you are Embiggened you can just switch to your mount. This is a killer. So you have to open inventory and re back to normal. Close your inventory, AND THEN you can use your mount. Why cant you just use your mount from embiggened state? I dont mind that it puts me back to normal while Im on the mount. Just allow me to use my mount.

Yeah, Ive actually found myself surprisingly intrigued over Ship of Heroes, and Im not even that into superheroes on …

Its a similar problem to the tonics with gizmos. Theyre funbut they take up space. Theres also having to put them on different characters all the time. So, how about an accountwide toy box in your inventory to put all your gizmos in? It would make them a whole lot more popular as it makes them easier to use.

I find my self, when something new comes out Like SE or latest with Winters day.

And even a nd option underneath saying Restore/reset deult focus behavior.

Albion Online fishing is the subject of the latest video from director Robin Henkys, which goes into greater depth on the upcoming feature.

Mastery points are great but unless you happen to run into them, you would never know theyre out there in the world. Putting them on the map would be a huge QoL improvement for them. It would also mean fewer trips to the wiki. Dont get me wrong, I love the wiki, I just hate having to rely on it when something in game could and should be showing me the way instead.

Isnt there a portal to Fort Trinity in every Headquarter of the three Orders?

This could even apply to all different list and categories in the Hero Panel, not just achievements.

ETF investors bought a small . tonnes of gold over February March , while spot gold prices dropped . from , per oz to , over the corresponding period.

This prompted the market to revise more aggressively the expected number of Fed rate hikes this year from to and next from to .

For the sake of transparency, I will update my trading activity on my Twitter account and post my trade summary at the end of each report.

Speculators continue to normalize their quite long positioning, the CFTC shows.

While things may change between now and April when Trump is due to finalize his decisions by April for steel and April for aluminum investors have seen this development as a key risk of a global trade war insor as other countries may be prompted to retaliate.

This was the third week of net inflows into gold ETFs although the amount of net buying remained too small to offset the selling pressure of tonnes in the first half of February.

The net long fund position at . tonnes as of February dropped . tonnes or from the previous week w/w. This was driven by a combination of long liquidation of . tonnes and short accumulation for the first time in three weeks of . tonnes.

Gold ETF investors were net buyers of . tonnes in from and . tonnes in from .

This was the result of a sudden surge in investor fears over a possible trade war between the U.S. and the rest of the world after Trump proposed on March tariffs on steel imports of and aluminum imports of .

The chat platform is currently undergoing maintenance.

But the net long fund position is still up . tonnes or since the start of the year after rising . tonnes or in the whole of .

Chat is not supported in your browser version.

While the forthcoming dot plots at the March meeting will clarify the Feds stance, the resulting rise in the dollar and US real rates from the hawkish rhetoric by Fed Chair Powell has proven to be shortlived, as can be seen in the charts below.

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Last week, the largest part of inflows came from the SPDR GLD ETF tonnes or . w/w. But the ETF buying/selling remained muted with the largest daily change in gold ETF holdings occurring on Monday February . tonnes. ETF investors continued to adopt a wait and see approach.

Seeking Alpha pays for exclusive articles. Payment calculations are based on a combination of coverage area, popularity and quality.

The market has fully digested last weeks hawkish Powells rhetoric. The focus is now on Trump and a possible trade war.

My bullish gold view remains unchanged. I long IAU with a very long term approach m.

To play my longterm bullish view on gold, I use the iShares Gold Trust ETF IAU. I built a long position in IAU earlier this year Monday January, , as can be seen inmy Tweetbelow.

According to the latest Commitment of Traders report COTR provided by the CFTC, money managers cut their long positions for the fourth time in the past weeks over the reporting period Feb , during which spot gold prices weakened . from , per oz to ,.

While I do not believe that a significant trade war will emerge this year between the U.S. and the rest of the world, I expect the dollar and U.S. real rates to move still lower in the course of the year due to stronger inflation dynamics and a Fed willing to stay slightly behind the curve until there is sufficiently clear evidence that inflation is back.

But more importantly, I would like to stress that my bullish thesis on gold has a longterm nature. At this stage, I think that a buy and hold strategy may be the most rewarding.

In this report, I wish to discuss mainly my views about the gold market.

While the CFTC statistics are public and free, the data about gold ETF holdings are fromFastMarkets, an independent metals agency that tracks ETF holdings across the precious metals complex.

In a worst case scenario probability, weakness in IAU could intensify toward the major downtrend line from the alltime high blue line at ~… From a technical perspective, I would not see this as a bearish development; rather, I would see this as a common technical pattern whereby the asset tends to retest its downtrend line after experiencing a bullish breakout. In such a scenario, I would be tempted to lift slightly the of my position from to , all else equal.

Please upgrade your browser or use a different browser, such as Google Chrome.

To do so, I analyze the recent changes in net speculative positions on the Comex based onthe CFTC and ETF holdings based on FastMarkets estimates and draw some interpretations about investor and speculator behavior. I conclude the report by sharing my trading positioning.

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

In my base case scenario , IAU should resume its uptrend in the immediate term and set a fresh high by the end of the first quarter.

My dear friends, thank you so much for showing your support by clicking the Follow orange button beside my name on the top of the and sharing this article. I look forward to reading your comments below.

Golds spec positioning is still quite long but not excessively long. The net spec length at of its historical record is around higher than its historical average of ~ tonnes.

Gold bounces back on surging fears over a global trade war.

By pushing the dollar down and undermining global risk appetite, the macro backdrop for gold has turned friendlier again, giving gold prices a boost, as can be seen in the chart below.

ETF investors continue to accumulate gold, albeit at a small pace, according to FastMarkets estimates.

I bought IAU at ., which means that my position shows a small loss due to the lack of meaningful upward pressure since February. The risk of this position represents of my portfolio. Depending on the market conditions, I could increase the of my position.

The macro backdrop for gold has turned friendlier since the market finished to digest the hawkish tone from Fed Chair Powell last week.

ETF investors were net sellers of tonnes of gold in February after buying tonnes in January, pushing gold ETF holdings slightly up tonnes or . in the year to date.

To see the chat, try to refresh in about minutes.

This positive macro backdrop for the precious metals complex should underpin the monetary demand for gold, keeping the bull market in gold prices alive.

As a reminder, Powell took investors by surprise during his testimony on February . While investors had hoped that the volatility spike in equities in the middle of February would have prompted Powell to empha on a gradualist approach with respect to the pace of US monetary policy tightening, he instead decided to stress the current Feds dilemma between avoiding an overheated economy and bringing PCE price inflation to on a sustained basis.

As can be seen in the technical chart above, IAU remains firmly above its uptrend line from the December low red line.

Assuming that macro forces turn negative for gold, IAU could ll toward this downtrend line at ~.. But this would not be enough to change my IAU positioning. I just would take a wait and see stance.

As of March , gold ETF holdings totaled , tonnes, according to FastMarkets estimates.

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One of the biggest multiplayer roleplaying games in the world, Guild Wars is an eslished game that takes you on a adventure. Join a guild, fight for the greater good and explore a vast ntasy universe with thousands of other players in this mesmerizing, muchimproved sequel to one of the most popular PC games ever released.

In a group of manucturing jewellers, aware of the traditions and a need for a higher degree of consumer protection in the precious metals industry, instigated and formed The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia.

The Guild is the only professional organization in Australia with a traditional and comprehensive system of marking precious metal items.

Guild Members names and marks are permanently recorded, they abide by set standards of material, their work is clearly identified as genuinely made in Australia, and the date of manucture can be recorded.

The Guilds principal aim is to promote the Guild Mark as a symbol of excellence.

Were so pleased to see that GSGA fellow,Adina Jozsef Designer Jewellerwas the peoples choice award winner of the recentCygnet Bay Pearl Farmdesign competition. Congratulations!…See MoreSee Less

The Overwatch Year of the Dog event goes live, introducing an improved Capture the Flag mode with a new map, new skins, emotes, and highlight intros.

Usually when a studio says how many players a game has, they mean alltime registered users.

Right. Because i was a n of defiance, was obsessed with it. made characters, supported the game and eventually the …

There are of course many other ways to earn gold, but these are the easiest. If they dont appeal you could try flipping the market, selling crafting materials, selling crafted items, and much more. After Path of Fire releases, this article may get an update as new ways to earn gold are hopefully introduced. Which way is your vorite? Let me know in the comments.

The first is a chart that shows you theexact rewards youll get in every mapand it updates itself every week. This is nice to let you know what you should be selling as youre going along.

To locate the Pact Supply Network Agents once again the wiki has antastic chartthat you can copy and paste into chat, giving you links to all their locations.

The basic idea though is just to play the Silverwastes. Keep all your bags, get as many rewards as possible. Then open the bags on lower level characters. The Grind Coven research includes a chart that shows you which level is best. Collecting Crests so you can buy keys is a vital part of this rm.

These can be earned many, many ways. Two ways Ive already mentioned are using Laurels and Map Rewards. Laurels do have other very good uses so make sure you dont want anything else before you purchase the Heavy Crafting Bags which contain T materials.

As an example, I had days worth of Pact Scouts Mapping Materials saved up, took them to the most valuable zone for week and just selling some of the map rewards I got I made g. I didnt even sell all the map rewards as I decided to keep the lodestones which were worth more than a gold each. I could have easily made g if I had sold everything.

When you complete an event or do a jumping puzzle you are rewarded points. You cant see these points anywhere, there is no user intece for this system, just know that without using any bonuses youre earning points if you get gold on the event. Its less if you dont get gold. Every points you get a map reward. This continues up to , points when youve completed the reward track. After , the track restarts and youre back at the beginning. So the idea is to rm events. Do any event chain you can and make sure you always earn gold.

Of course, it needs to be said that if you are working on a legendary weapon do not sell your T materials. You will need them.

This is by no means a new idea, but it is new to this article. If you have alts there are some places you can park them that if you log in every day can be quite lucrative. The best alts to use for this are level s because theyll be able to access more of the world. But if you have an alt who is level park them at the end of a jumping puzzle at the chest. This is the best way for you to get silver doubloons, which as of writing this in January are nearly gold each.

If youve put a lot of work into doing Fractals then rming Fractal Level can be quite rewarding. Its a very quick fractal to complete. You can potentially earn up to g per hour if youre good and lucky. This is all about opening a lot of Fractal Encryptions and selling the contents. But it does require repeating the fractal which can get pretty mindnumbing.

Ive been seeing one question repeated over and over again in Facebook groups the last couple of weeks. How do you make gold quickly? The truth is that there are a few different ways and everyone seems to think their way is best. Find which one you like best and do that one. Heres are seven ways to earn gold quickly in Guild Wars .

Bitterfrost Frontier is a good place to park characters for berry harvesting. The reason you go with two is because once youve harvested you can alt and do it all again. These berries are a great source of last seasons currency so you can buy ascended gear without spending any gold.

If you have Heart of Thorns youll want to leave a character two sitting at a flax rm. The most mous one is in Verdant Brink, however, the one in Draconis Mons is a better rm. Its also more dangerous though so be careful of the surrounding area.

Shannon first discovered MMOs in when she picked up the newly launched Everquest. This started a lifelong love afir with online gaming that has taken her around the world and brought her to . While she still pines for the streets of Paragon, the City of Heroes, today she spends most of her gaming time walking across Tyria in Guild Wars , roleplaying with anyone who says hello.

Snail Games ties down an ARK Park release date, granting players owners of VR headset systems their chance to run into or from their vorite dinos.

Back to earning gold, there are permanent rich iron nodes scattered throughout the world. You can, if you like go on a tour of them all. Doing so would, at current market prices get you nearly gold. But, being realistic that isnt going to be something you want to do every day. So pick one and stay there. Youll still be getting silver worth of materials which adds up. Plus theres a very good chance if youre building anything you need iron. The Guild Wars wiki can show you the permanent nodes or you can use GWEfficiency, a site I highly recommend for all GW players.

Farming Fractal Level is no longer a good way to earn gold quickly. While there have been some people saying that the Mai Trin Fractals are an ok substitute, they dont appear to be popular. This is possibly because there are easier ways to earn the gold. If you are interested in trying this out Mai Trin fractals are levels , , , and .

For the best results save your mapping materials until the week the profit chart is at its best. Currently, that is Week and sometimes Week as the market fluctuates.

Bonus since Path of FireLower teir materials have become more valuable since the launch of Path of Fire. I wouldnt recommend trying to rm for them as T is still the most valuable, but if you have a large stockpile you may want to check out how much theyre worth.

A transcript of a recent Dual Universe AMA touches on a variety of topics including a development roadmap, planned updates and more.

But the most important chart is thebonus reward profit chart. This will show you which zone you should be playing in to get the most profile outcome every week. The amounts listed change all the time as the market fluctuates, but the most profile zones typically remain the same. You can find which week were currently in by looking for the one that is highlighted in Yellow.

When you take part in events in the world you get points towards map rewards. These map rewards change every week and some are more valuable than others. The most valuable ones contain T materials. The Guild Wars wiki has a couple of ntastic charts to make rming map rewards easy and incredibly rewarding.

A thank you. Chris and Amanda do some awesome work with news and profiles, for sure.

Both of these events are incredibly popular so it is advised that you get to them early and start looking for a squad in LFG. You can usually start finding them coming together minutes before the event begins. These events run every two hours. The schedule for which can be found on just about any Guild Wars event timer.

If your guild has put in enough work you can get the Map Bonus Rate Increase in your guild hall. This increases the rate you earn points anywhere from depending on how much your guild has done.

The final way to get gold quickly in Guild Wars is, of course, to buy it with realworld cash. No, you cant buy gold directly. But you can buy gems which can be converted into gold. Is it worth it? Thats for you to decide. I would never do it but I know plenty of people who have.

If you have Path of Fire park one of your level s at the end of the Jackal jumping puzzle in the Crystal Oasis. This is the one on the bottom right of the map with the ruins and the Djinn. There are three large chests here that you can open. Also, leave an alt at the Tomb of Primeval Kings in the Desert Highlands. There are several small chests here that you can collect from.

A new dev blog from The Elder Scrolls Online details a number of Update combat changes, including tweaks to Synergies, blocking and PvP interrupts.

There are a few other options for parking your characters like the Rich Quartz node in Crystal Oasis, or the Hidden Garden if youve completed creating Kudzu.

BTW love your site, its the first site i go to for news and game/new game searches and sometimes giveaways. Keep up the …

If you have Path of Fire theres a new way to get a lot of rewards in two repeale meta events. These events are the raid on Palawadan and the Great Hall. Both events take you through a region of the map as a large group where you ce off against a greater concentration of enemies than youd normally find. As you defeat certain enemies as a group a chest will appear nearby. Grab the loot and try to keep up. After the events have completed youll have some time afterward to roam and get even more chests that are scattered about the area. These events are incredibly rewarding because of the chests so make sure you get them all.

The tree rm in Malchors leap is always a popular option. You have a lot of nodes in a very small area. Though if youre looking to sell the wood instead of keeping it for yourself there are better options.

There is one more thing you can do to increase your rewards. If you have unlocked the third level of the Pact Commander Mastery you have access to a network of Karma vendors called the Pact Supply Network Agents. There are six merchants scattered around the world who change locations every day. From each of those merchants, you can buy Pact Scouts Mapping Materials for , karma. Each of these is worth map reward points for whatever map youre on when you eat them. So, as part of your daily login visit each of the vendors and get the mapping materials from each one. Thats , points every day! You can choose to use them right away, but saving them is the most rewarding.

Selling crafting materials is always a good way to get easy money. Of course, some are more profile than others. The ones that are easy to get are worth the least. This is why T materials are the most valuable. They have a pretty low drop rate and they are used in just about everything at the end game. When we talk about T materials were talking about Ancient Bone, Vicious Claw, Pile of Crystalline Dust, Vicious Fang, Armored Scale, Elaborate Totem, Powerful Venom Sac, and Vial of Powerful Blood.

There are a few little things you should be doing every single day to keep your gold going up. They arent worth a lot of gold, but if you only have minutes to spare in a day you can still get them done. They are to log in and do your daily. Login rewards include laurels. Laurels can be used to buy T materials more on those further down. Doing your daily will guarantee you g for very little work. The PvE daily tasks are always incredibly easy to do and only take a couple of minutes. Do them every day so your account keeps going up even on days when you cant really play. Though while youre logged in

Two new Fortnite blog updates discuss Valentinesthemed updates coming to the game and explain what happened to the servers this past Sunday.

If you dont mind gambling then the Ecto gamble might be for you. In Lions Arch, you can find a Skritt who will sell you Desilized Ectoplasm that contains random junk that may or may not be valuable. It can be a very expensive addiction, but if you know when to quit it can be quite rewarding. If you gamble away all your gold dont come crying to me. I warned you.

Most people when you ask what the stest way to earn gold is will tell you to do the Silverwastes. The zone is incredibly rewarding and has been since it first released. Grind Coven, an EU guild recently released a ntastic,deeply researched lookinto the Silverwastes and offers up a way to earn up to , gold in weeks! Theres a whole lot of math in the data but that just goes to show how well researched it is.

WorldCraft D Build Craft is a great addition to the article

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Diplomatic and military historians, respectful of the guilds of which they regard themselves as honorary members, tend not to pose moral questions too sharply. [The Wall Street Journal]

Gildis a great word that doesnt get used enough in modern parlance.

It is not always just nostalgia that gilds the past. [Guardian]

Originally settled by monks, the small town of Hoegaardento the east of Brusselshad its own guild of brewers by the s. [Manawatu Standard]

They are gilded ages, perhaps; yet every such age gilds not the lily but the tulip. [The Nation]

The common expressionto gild the lilymeansto unnecessarily adorn something that is already beautiful. It comes from Shakespeare, thoughthe quoteactually goes, To gild refined gold, to paint the lily.guild goldGild vs guild

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