Go back to school in with the best picks for party, porle, and laptop computer games for those latenight dorm room sessionsalong with selections of the best new games …

Massively multiplayer online game publisher sees lowered revenue and profits, but tilts its fullyear projections up.

First extra content addon for the popular MMORPG title will be available online and in stores August .

The Korean developer posts . million profit for first quarter, credits Lineage and Guild Wars for percent yearonyear rise.

Quarterly revenue at South Korean MMOG maker rises to . million, thanks to the enduring popularity of Lineage and Lineage II.

The ArenaNet cofounder tells GameSpot his opinions on gold rming, how the company has managed to survive on a nosubscription online model, and why he feels games have to justify …

Following settlement with Microsoft, Palktalk Holdings files complaint against makers of PS, WOW, COD, Guild Wars, LOTRO, and Runescape.

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Korean publishers newest MMOG pushes JulySept. net income to million on revenue of million.

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The expansion for the popular Guild Wars series will serve as a bridge to the upcoming Guild Wars .

Sequel to ArenaNets online roleplaying game will have persistent worlds, wont have subscription fee; Guild Wars Eye of the North due out this summer.

Hardcore gamers have always had playing skills, but now it appears theyre not lacking in social skills.

Koreabased developer of Guild Wars and upcoming Tabula Rasa reports secondquarter financials.

WOW returns to the top, and Caesar makes a solid debut as a list of regulars play musical chairs.

Korean MMOG publisher sees revenue rise to million, as Q profit rockets up more than ,.

The first true expansion pack for the Guild Wars franchise will serve as a bridge to the upcoming Guild Wars .

Comic and ntasy titles join F.E.A.R. and Guild Wars expansions and Tony Hawks Downhill Jam on this weeks release calendar.

Tabula Rasa publisher adds jobs to its Brighton location thanks to funding from government agency.

Korean MMOG purveyor now offering City of Heroes, Guild Wars, and Lineage installments through Valves online distribution platform.

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NCsoft West CEO says followup to ArenaNets online RPG may enter beta testing sometime in , with a full launch the following year.

ArenaNet president of product development Jeff Strain parts amicably with South Korean MMOG company; publishing president David Reid also out.

Americanbranch CEO says a desire for entry into the console market was behind the Korean publishers alliance with the Japanese game giant.

We get the inside story on Guild Wars first true expansion from designer Ben Miller.

NCsofts nonsubscriptionbased MMORPG has now sold more than five million.

Space tourist and Tabula Rasa creator wipes slate clean by resigning position at MMOG studio to pursue new interests; publisher reports quarterly income down percent year over year.

Quintet of heavy hitters join Dynasty Warriors Gundam and downloadables such as Super Puzzle Fighter II and Ghouls n Ghosts; Guild Wars and Medieval II expansions also due.

Riot Games wins five categories including Best New Online Game and Audience Award; Ultima Online receives first spot in the Hall of Fame; MUD creator Dr. Richard Bartle honored.

Enter the world of Guild Wars, a competitive online roleplaying game that rewards player skill. In large headtohead guild battles, cooperative group combat, and singleplayer missions, youll explore a ntasy world full of monsters while pursuing professions and developing your own personalized character.

ArenaNet game designer Ben Miller gives us some of the first details about all the new, highlevel content in Eye of the North.

Home region again bolsters Koreabased MMOG publishers fiscal performance, as revenues hit million with net income lling off percent.

Aion Tower of Eternity lifts Korean publishers quarterly earnings to . million, a percent yearoveryear rise.

ArenaNet touts its subscriptionfree MMORPGs latest worldwide sales milestone two months after Nightll expansions debut.

NCsofts freetoplay MMOG hits sales milestone through combined tally of original game and first two expansions.

NCsoft and ArenaNets online RPG franchise surpasses new milestone nearly four years after original installments launch.

The D.I.C.E.thrower and AIAS president is hoping his Into the Pixel exhibit will help settle the debate about games being artistic expression.

Get an update on the original Guild Wars…and a foreshadowing of the story in the longawaited sequel.

South Korean publishers latest MMOG continues paying idends, boosting AprilJune revenues to . million.

DFC Intelligence predicts that income from MMOGs and digitally distributed content will rise dramatically in the coming years.

The Sims Pets expansion takes the top spot on a list dominated by recent releases.

Casualgame and MMOG publishers tip E hands, while Games for Windows gets a GM and middleware provider finds funds.

South Koreabased publisher sees quarterly uptick in revenue on Eye of the North release, but net gains down percent year over year.

Guild Wars publisher sees growing sales during , profits drop on marketing spend; Aion exceeds expectations in Korea.wow guild Guild Wars News

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