The FBI DCNR are digging at a site in Dents Run, Elk County, according to WJAC in Johnstown.

Now, approximately years later, the feds may have found their loot.

It all began when someone gave someone else a map, back in .

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FBI spokeswoman Carrie Adamowski told the station that agents were conducting courtauthorized law enforcement activity. Finders Keepers, a treasurehunting firm that claimed it had located the gold, was on the scene as well, the station reported, but members said they werent allowed to comment.

According to WJACTVin Johnstown, the crews wereset up off Route in the Dents Run section of Benezette Township. Thats nine miles from Driftwood, where Connors said the shipment was attacked.

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Legends tend to be formulated around wishful thinking, the college professor said. You dont want to be a citizen of an area where nothing ever happened.

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Based on todays value of an ounce of gold, the lost load would be worth ,,.

Jason Nark has been an enterprise reporter with the Daily News since . Hes covered just about everything and thats the way he likes it. He lives in South Jersey with his three kids and a dog, and likes to sleep in tents as much as possible.

The Pittsburgh PressA Pittsburgh Press article from on the lost gold of Elk County

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Neither the agencies nor the treasure hunters returned requests for comment Thursday, but Finders Keepers has detailed the controversy over the claim on the firms website.

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Finders Keepers site also includes a letter from DCNR addressed to the district forester at Elk State Forestin , where Parada, of Clearfield County, had apparently been digging. The letter stated thatParada could not digon state land.

Bridget McClure BridgetWJACMarch ,

When Sgt. Jim Connors tipped back a few too many, hed talk about the legend of lost Civil War gold, and boast about its whereabouts deep in the hills of Western Pennsylvania.

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In , thePittsburgh PostGazette profiled Paradasobsession.

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The PostGazette interviewed a Civil War historian at the time, who dismissed the legend and also, perhaps, Parada.

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Finder Keepers said it searched for years and found articts on state land, but officials were never interested. The group contended that Pennsylvanias Historical and Museum Commission said the legend of the lost gold was a myth. Finders Keepers owner, Dennis Parada, said highpowered metal detectors proved the story was true.

Connors, according to a United Press International article in the Pittsburgh Press, was part of a special Union detachment tasked with transporting gold bars, each weighing pounds, from West Virginia to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia in the summer of .

I told DCNR Im not going to quit until its dug up and if I die, my kids going to be around and make sure its going to be dug up, Parada told the news. Theres something in there and Im not giving up.

Parada wouldnt disclose all the details, particularly about the map, saying he was saving the good parts for the movies.

Charges downgraded in Rittenhouse Square sbing death

We believe that we found the gold at the Dents Run site and that the state is doing everything that they can to stop us from telling our story, the firm wrote.

Has lost Civil War gold bound for Philly been found?

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According to the PostGazette, the ArmydoubtedConnors story and interrogated him, and sent Pinkerton detectives to find the gold, but they came up empty. Connors died in a western outpost.

According to one version of the story, Connors staggered into Lock Haven, in northcentral Pennsylvania, as the lone survivor of an ambush.

The FBI DCNR are actively digging at a site in Dents Run, Elk County. Our cameras also caught the owners of Finders Keepers on site a group that searches for lost treasure. What the group believes is buried there tonight

The gold was gone, waiting to become a plot line worthy of an Indiana Jones flick, but the tall tale may have inched closer to reality Tuesday when the FBI, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources DNCR, and some frustrated treasure hunters converged in an Elk County forest and started to dig.war goldHas lost Civil War gold bound for Philly been found?

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