guild wars goldBaldurs Gate WalkthroughRaid the locked cupboard and trapped and locked drawers. The two trapped and locked chests are empty.

RESAR exp, Quarter Staff, Wand of Paralyzation

If your Reputation is lower than you will be attacked by groups of three Flaming Fist Enforcers, a Flaming Fist Scout and a Flaming Fist Battle Wizard. The Flaming Fist will attack suddenly both on the streets and in the Elfsong Tavern.

LOOT Quarter Staff, Sling, Bullets , Potion of Firebreath

Enter the Thieves GuildAR. Narlen will hail you if you have a thief in your party. He wants the thief from your party to run a gauntlet of tests. Agree. Head to theSplurging SturgeoninNE Baldurs Gate. Return to Narlen in the Thieves Guild once you have completed the first test. If you killed the Flaming Fist he will leave. If you delivered no warning he will attack and you will have to fight the whole guild unless you run away seeAlatos. Otherwise he will give you the second challenge. Narlen wants you to steal a Rogue Stone from Gantolandan. Head to theBlade and StarsinSE Baldurs Gate. Return to Narlen in the Thieves Guild once you have completed the second test.

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Some quests require having an unsavoury Reputation. If you want to complete EVERY quest possible you should consider managing your reputation up and down by donating to churches, completing reputation boosting quests or commiting crimes to meet those requirements.

* items and/or changes are only available if you have installed the DudleyFixes.

Talk to Alyth. She runs the Tavern. You cannot buy drinks from her if your NPC Reaction is .

LOOT Spear, Potion of Perception, History of Calimshan, Silver Ring, gp

You can pickpocket Niklos. Talk to him. He will give you gp to talk to his boss. Agree. He directs you to the Thieves Guild and gives you the password FAFHRD. Houses all lead to the Thieves Guild. Whichever door you use, give the password, and go through the north door of the room into the GuildAR. Talk to Alatos. If you insult him or refuse his quest you will have to fight all the guilds members. He wants you to steal some particular items fromOberons EstateinCentral Baldurs Gateyou have days to do this. Also talk toNarlenfor his sidequests. Complete both Narlens and Alatos sidequests before going to talk to Alatos for his reward. Alatos employer Resar thinks you did a bad job and demands you killed. If you have completed Narlens sidequests he will come to your aid. If you are quick you can get the experience for killing Resar yourself. If you didnt complete Narlens quests then the guild will side with Resar when he attacks you.

Raid the crate outside, two locked drawers and a cupboard inside.

LOOT Short Sword , Sling , Bullets , Leather Armor

LOOT Dagger, Short Bow, Throwing Daggers , Oil of Speed, gp

LOOT Long Sword , Short Bow , Arrows , Bolts , Bullets , Leather Armor, Potion of Strength

Talk to the Merchant. He sells some useful items.

Raid the barrel in NW corner, the barrel against the western wall, the barrel outside the Guild

REWARD exp, Flail , Composite Long Bow , Arrows, Arrows , Arrows of Dispelling, Helmet , Small Shield, Plate Mail Armor

REWARD dead guards Wand of Lightning, gp

Enter the Elfsong TavernAR. Talk to Brevlik. Say that you will listen to him for money you should only ask twice. He wants you to steal a telescope from the Hall of Wonders.OPTION The best option is to agree to his offer of gp.Note that he attaches the condition of not killing any guards. *Head to theHall of WondersinW Baldurs Gateat night. Return with the telescope.If you killed the guards he will try to leave without rewarding you. You can either threaten him for a lesser reward, ask him what to do in which case he will leave after telling you, or attack him and he will summon the guard, naming you as the thief, before fleeing. *OPTION Alternatively if you hear his offer of gp but turn him down saying you do not wish to be mous from inside a jail cell someone will rob him. Talk to him again and he will try to sell you a ring to cover his debts. It is a Ring of Folly and is not worth any of the prices you can pay for it.

LOOT [Cursed Scroll of Stupidity], History of the Dragon Coast, Gold Ring

ARKION KILLED exp, Male Body, Dagger, Mage Robe of Cold Resistance, Bloodstone Amulet, gp

Enter the Elfsong TavernAR. Go upstairsAR. Talk to Cyrdemac. You can persuade him to join you alone in a side room then kill him. Otherwise you can kill him in the main room in which case two ruffians will also attack you. Return to theNoblewomanin the Three Kegs inN Baldurs Gate.

Raid the two locked bedside les and the locked chest.

LOOT Heavy Cross bow, Arrows , Bolts , History of the Red Ravens, Flamedance Ring, Tchazar Gem

Enter Sorcerous SundriesAR. Talk to Halbazzer Drin. He will offer to buy the Nymph Hair for gp. If you decline he will offer to make a magical cloak for gp. Agree.

REWARD no dead guards exp, Wand of Lightning, gp

LOOT Dagger, History of the Bell in the Depths, Bluestone Necklace, gp

LOOT Bullets , Bullets , Leather Armor

CYRDEMAC exp, Bastard Sword , Medium Shield, Chainmail Armor, gp

Enter the Thieves GuildAR. Talk to Black Lily. She sells some useful items. Behind her in a barrel is a magic tome.

Enter Sorcerous SundriesAR. Go upstairsAR. If you approach the four mages Niemain will warn you, and if you dont leave they will attack unless Xzar or Montaron are in your party.

LOOT Dagger, Medium Shield, Splint Mail, gp

Raid three bedside les, a bookshelf and a cupboard.

GUILD BATTLE exp, Wand of Paralyzation, Dagger, Short Sword , Short Sword , Long Sword , Short Bow, Quarter Staff, Arrows, Leather Armor , Leather Armor , Skydrop Gem, Sphene Gem, Chrysoberyl Gem

Raid the two locked cupboards, locked drawers, two cupboards, shelf and two locked chests.

Owing to the sprawling nature of the quests in Baldurs Gate you should go to whichever part of the city provides the solution.

Enter the locked houseAR. Talk to Arkion. He wants you to collect a corpse from the sewers for his experiments. You should enter theE Sewersvia sewer grateSEinSE Baldurs Gatethen head west. Return with one corpse. Head toSE Baldurs Gateto findNemphre. When you return you can pickpocket Arkion for his Bloodstone Amulet and then kill him. Return toSE Baldurs Gateto talk toNemphre. Once you have Arkions Bloodstone Amulet and Nemphres Onyx Ring enter Sorcerous SundriesARand give them to Ordulinian.

ORDULINIAN REWARD exp, Cloak of NonDetection

Talk to Silence. She sells some useful items. If your NPC Reaction is you will have to pay gp to see her goods, if you refuse she will summon a guard. If your NPC Reaction is she will attack unless you leave.

MAGES exp, Dagger , Dagger , Quarter Staff, Darts of Stunning , Mage Robe of Fire Resistance , Mage Robe of Cold Resistance, Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance, Wand of Fire, [Luck] , [Identify] , Cursed Ring of Clumsiness, gp

Enter the shopAR. Talk to Halbazzer Drin. He sells some useful items.

LOOT Dagger, Heavy Crossbow, Chainmail Armor, History of the Dragon Coast, Aquamarine Gem, gp

Talk to Lucky Aello. All the items he sells are cursed, except for the Potion of Perception.

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