wow guildWhat is Easy?Rabblerousing hormonallycharged young whippersnappers need not apply.

A guild which raids to have fun and progress as much as possible.

Dragonslaying with other people is a much more epic experience.

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A guild of people who have real lives, but enjoy raiding too.

A sle and dramafree guild that has been raiding continuously since .

For all the information about available raid spots and how to apply, click HERE.

A guild which focuses on raiding in large groups.

We would rather enjoy ourselves while progressing on our own terms, than be miserable while chasing server firsts.

A guild which has high expectations for every member of our guild to raid regularly to the best of their abilities.

We believe that raiding is something we arrange around our real lives, and not the other way around.

Easy is an Alliance World of Warcraft guild on the European Lightbringer server. We are a man raiding guild and we raid from to server time on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays.

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We expect our raiders to be skilled at their class, to want to improve themselves, and to help others improve.

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